If you happen to be in Malta during the week of February 28-March 5, you are in for a real treat: The Malta Carnival festivities, which is one of the most anticipated and celebrated events of the year.

The Maltese Carnival or Il-Karnival ta’ Malta is one of the oldest historical traditions dating back to the times of the presence of Knights of the Order of St. John in Malta who introduced this unique celebration to the island by throwing elaborate carnival balls, organizing strength competitions and engaging in satire as a harmless way of exploiting political and social tensions.

Throughout the centuries new motifs have found their way into carnival practices yet the core traditions of employing satire while showing off elaborate costume designs have remained the cornerstone of the Maltese Carnival.

Today’s Maltese Carnival entails a fun-filled week of dressing up, floats, candy catching, musical performances, dance competitions representing various villages and of course, generous helpings of delicious carnival treats all the while bringing together children and grown-ups of all ages, nationalities, and social backgrounds. The carnival celebrations will be taking place all over the islands with many villages having their own parades and festivities. The city of Valletta however, is (as usual) the designated main hub of flurry.


Aside from parades, performances and candy stands, the city of Valletta is also offering educational hands-on workshops for those wanting to understand the historic traditions behind the carnival practices of today.  A variety of events including daily parades, float exhibitions, children’s events, performances of satire skits and music bands, children’s and adult dance competitions will be taking place from February 28 – March 5 on a daily basis.  For specific dates, events and/or performances please kindly check www.karnivalmalta.org

Carnival celebration in Valletta 2018


If you do not manage to make it to any of the above, at least try to visit the Grand Finale taking place in Floriana on the evening of March 5, 2019.  The Grand Finale usually entails an absolutely spectacular final exhibit of floats and colorful costumes.  We are sure that the Grand Finale of the Malta Carnival 2019 will not disappoint.

Popeye Village is another wonderful venue for carnival festivities for the whole family. During this special week, the quirky little village turns itself into a colorful flurry of activity offering interactive fun and games to children to teach them about the rich and multi-faceted carnival traditions throughout the history. Children can take part in mask coloring, puppet show quiz or play a game of heroes and villains who will then decide the ultimate fate of humanity.


If, however, you are looking for a party with an edge, a visit to the famous Nadur Carnival Gozo on Saturday March 2, 2019 is a must. The Nadur Carnival is a unique opportunity to become a part of a bizarre and ghastly gathering of the scariest and most grotesque creatures on the isles swarming the main square of the village where the REAL party takes place.



Last but not least, check out the range of parties at various clubs in Paceville (the most popular nightlife district in Malta) and on the island of Gozo. A little bird told us that one of Malta’s biggest techno DJs, Junior B is returning to Gozo for a carnival party and will be playing at the Dark Arena, Victoria, Gozo on Saturday, March 2, 2019.


Book a flight and your accommodation with Shortlets Malta at www.shortletsmalta.com, throw your costume in a suitcase and join us for an unforgettable, fun-filled week of Il’ Karnival ta Malta, one of the most beloved festivals of the year for locals and tourists alike. We guarantee, there will be no lack of entrainment.  And don’t forget to try Prinjolata, the colorful and devilishly delicious Maltese carnival cake.



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