Maltese isles being one of the prime tourism spots in the Mediterranean cannot really complain about lack of excitement in any season. Yet like most other countries, springtime in Malta is awaited with a particular eagerness and delightful yearnings, as it truly is the most perfect time to enjoy the islands inside and out.  Aside from the stunningly beautiful lush outdoors with cliff tops and meadows covered in wildflowers, a number of events and exciting festivals keep locals and visitors alike on their toes.

Let us give you a rundown of the most essential Spring 2019 Musts if you are planning your visit to Malta during the months of March, April or May.

The Festival of Lights, Gozo, Saturday March 16, 2019


If you happen to be in Malta during the weekend of March 16-17, 2019, you will not wanna miss the most prominent spring marker: the Festival of Lights (Lejl Imkebbes in Maltese) held in Cittadella,the capital of Gozo. Over 30,000 candles will light up the medieval streets of Cittadella casting an eerie magical spell over the city and the surrounding hilltops and valleys.  Aside from a dreamy candle light atmosphere, the event also offers live entertainment consisting of historic re-enactments of past events, a host of children’s activities, numerous food stalls of local and exotic dishes, and discounted museum entrances.  The event will take place on Saturday March 16, commencing at 6:00 pm. The best news yet, the entrance is free. Join us for an unforgettable Mediterranean event on the charming island of Gozo.

St. Patrick’s Day Sunday March 17, 2019


Looking for a lively weekend of partying? Join the St. Patrick’s  celebrations round Spinola Bay, with all the St. Julian’s bars and outdoor beer stands adorned and ready for party-goers.

The popularity of the St. Patrick’s feast in Malta actually has a real historic connection to the Irish when the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, an Irish infantry regiment of the British Army were stationed in the town of Floriana.  The soldiers would eagerly await the St. Patrick’s feast as for them it was an opportunity to bond over reminiscing about their home. The Irish soldiers’ bitter-sweet celebration of St. Patrick’s Day was soon cemented as a tradition in Floriana although today the main party has been moved to Spinola Bay.  If you love a good party with live music, crowds and lots of booze, definitely check out Spinola Bay this coming Sunday.

Malta Strawberry Festival, April 7, 2019


What better way to spend a Sunday in April than visiting the Maltese Strawberry Festival?  Festa Frawli is renowned as one of the most beloved annual spring feasts taking place in the picturesque local village of Mgarr where (and we can attest to that) the already succulent Maltese strawberries taste the sweetest.

Already upon entering the festival grounds, you will be taken aback by a swirl of colors and delectable aromas making it nearly impossible for you to choose between endless strawberry based snacks and desserts beckoning you to stop at every stand. Mind you, there will be wildly imaginative, lovingly prepared, irresistibly inviting novelty dishes to try! Our suggestion is (and we are speaking form our experience) to pace yourself and choose wisely or you will feel like bursting half way through your visit.

Aside from infinite strawberry creations, which include strawberry based soft and alcoholic beverages, the festival also offers numerous stands with local crafts representing centuries of Maltese traditions thus giving you a unique opportunity to souvenir-shop while chatting with local artists, listening to folk bands and getting to know Maltese culture.

Trust us, it is IMOSSIBLE to not get addicted to our luscious, vitamin-rich Maltese strawberries, lovingly grown in the sun-soaked fields surrounding the village of Mgarr. After having visited the Festa Frawli (the festival boasts our prime harvest) once, you will be converted.

Malta International Firework Festival 2019 (four nights between April 24 – May 4, 2019 so stay tuned)


If you happen to visit our lovely island during the end of April beginning of May, you might be just lucky enough to witness one of our spectacular firework displays, which will take place allover the island so stay tuned and check for exact dates and locations:

The various shows that are bound to take your breath away, will feature the artworks of local factories (Malta is internationally renowned for its fireworks) as well as those of professional pyrotechnic companies from abroad.

We sincerely hope that you will at least visit the Grand Finale at Barriera Warf in Valleta, which is an experience you will not be able to replicate. Be sure though to arrive early and secure the best spot, make yourself comfy (a blanket and snacks are recommended) and enjoy to your heart’s content.

Marsovin Wine Cellar Tours


Although not solely a springtime activity, spring is a lovely time for wine tours. Nature exuding that particular aura of mystical romanticism creates a perfect setting for wandering through the 400-year-old cellars, getting acquainted with Maltese wine making methods and traditions and of course, tasting Malta’s finest sparkling wine Cassar de Malte or other Maltese quality wines left to mature for over 12 months in French and American oak barrels.

The tour will take about 2 hours (including the tasting) and pre-booking is required. For more info regarding booking, please kindly e-mail

Gorgeous Countryside Picnic Areas


If none of the exciting spring highlights mentioned above appeal to you, you gotta at least try an authentic Maltese picnic experience in the midst of Maltese country side surrounded by lush meadows covered in wild flowers or perched on a majestic cliff with the whole world at your feet.  Nothing beats the fragrant spring air and gentle sunshine warming you from inside out with an occasional caress of a spring breeze. And of course, let us not forget the Maltese traditional delicacies which are a MUST for an authentic Maltese picnic experience: Fresh fruit, with strawberries being the star, Maltese rose wine or white wine, freshly baked Maltese bread with tuna or kunserva (traditional tomato spread), olives, timpana (baked macaroni) and ġbejna (local cheese made from sheep milk). All of the produce can be effortlessly acquired at supermarkets or small local shops making your experience even more authentic.

Grab a blanket, pack a basket and head over to some of our favorite picnic spots: Buskett Gardens, Selmun, Ghajn Tuffieha, Wardija Hilltop, Dingli Cliffs (the most awesome spot for a romantic sunset picnic) Ta Cenc Cliffs, Gozo or Dwejra Gozo.  

Do not be afraid to venture out in the Maltese countryside. We, locals are super friendly and helpful in case you need assistance with finding things. Your visit to Malta in springtime would not be complete without an authentic Maltese countryside adventure. Still not convinced? Let our photos speak for themselves.

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