Blood, sweat, and tears’. This phrase, coined by Sir Winston Churchill, is now associated with hard work of any kind, and we think that it’s absolutely appropriate when talking about The Grid, Malta’s most challenging obstacle race ever. We’d love to tell you that Grid participants can bypass the blood and tears component of it all, and only have ample amounts of sweat in their future, but we’re that’s not exactly true.

You see, gearing up for The Grid takes effort, and lots of it. You need to be really physically fit if you want to hold your own against the rest. Luckily, you’ve got until the 3rd of June to get there, which gives you about a month. How much exercise can you do in a month? It’s time to find out!



We’re not trying to make signing up for The Grid sound too masochistic. All challenges of this calibre are going to be tough, and as goes the cliché, there is great reward in such dedication, so we genuinely think this is a great opportunity for anyone over the age of 16 and physically fit enough to give it a shot.

Despite the name that The Grid has already made for itself, this is only the second year that the annual event has been around, with the first iteration taking place in May of last year. This June, one can look forward to a lot of similarity from the previous year, as the event will be held on the same 15km Armed Forces Assault course in Pembroke. Can you think of a course with a more fitting name? We sure can’t!



15k is a long distance, of course, and this is reflected in the wide range of obstacles you’ll have to conquer during the event. Last year’s obstacles included hay stacks, monkey bars, hurdles, large walls, and high jumps, and we’re sure that this year will see some even more creative challenges!

the gridm.jpgPhoto credit: Thomas Smith Shipping

We must profess that one reason we’re so enthusiastic about The Grid is that the organising team itself seems so eager for it to be a success. Taking their ethos of determination every step of the way, the team claims that The Grid will happen irrespective of weather conditions, so you’re going to have to march whether it’s sunny or rainy. Of course, if weather conditions compromise the safety of the event, that’s a different issue entirely and one that would be addressed.

If you’re ready to carry the same ethos of determination, you’re definitely still in time to sign up for The Grid. Head over to to check out any details we might not have included here, including price points and how to go about your online registration.

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