What is it about a Maltese summer that has thousands of tourists and travellers flocking to this side of the Mediterranean each year? Some visitors love our sun-kissed island so much, they never leave and decide to make Malta or Gozo their permanent home! So let’s take a cheeky look at just 7 top reasons to make Malta you summer destination:

1 | Serious Summer Weather

If you’re looking for days drenched in golden sunshine, then Malta’s definitely the place to be. With  around eight months of sunshine a year, you’ll be going back home with the most enviable of tans! Remember to take care of your skin and drink lots of water, because the UV index can get a little high over here, and the last thing you want to do is end up looking like a lobster.

2 | Beautiful Beaches

With all that glorious sun, you know we need some equally-excellent beaches, right? You’ll never be far from the sea, so take your pick – sandy or rocky, north, central, or south, we’ve got a pretty good selection in store for you.

3 | Ridiculously Rich History

The Maltese Islands saw their first settlers around 5200 BC, when stone age farmers and hunters came over from Sicily. Since then, a lot has happened on these tiny islands; from the awe-inspiring Megalithic temples, to Phoenician, Roman, Arabic, Byzantine, Norman, French, and British rule and beyond! If you love being immersed in century upon century of history, look no further.

4 | Gorgeous Gozo

No trip to Malta can ever be complete without spending at least one day on our sister island, Gozo! With a typically-Mediterranean vibe and breath-taking sights to see, you’ll be charmed in an instant.

5 | Buzzing Nightlife

Malta’s two entertainment hotspots, St. Julian’s and Paceville, as bursting with all the clubs, pubs, lounges, and restaurants you could need during your time here. For something little more laid back, hit Valletta and enjoy a night out surrounded by our capital’s regal beauty!

6 | English is Everywhere

Almost every Maltese person alive can speak three languages: English, Maltese, and Italian. That means you probably don’t need to worry about any language barriers, but when in doubt – talk with your hands, just like the locals!

7 | Endless Fun

Malta may be small in size, but it’s BIG on fun. You’ll always have something new and exciting to do, from scuba diving and cruising around Comino to horse riding, kayaking, and more!  

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